Welcome to MROSY. Here are some tips to help you choose the right size on MROSY.

You can choose the appropriate size according to the prompt message.

1.Click the size guide on the product page.

2.View product sizes to select the right size.

3.We provide the product size for each product, you can match the appropriate clothing size according to your own size.



What is the difference between regular size and tag size?

Because our products come from different factories, in order to facilitate buyers to choose sizes, we have converted the tag sizes of all products to international standard sizes according to the actual sizes of clothes, so you only need to refer to the regular size when choosing sizes.


How we measure?

How to choose the right size?

①To find the correct size, first, take your bust, hip and waist measurements, either in inches or in centimeters.

②We recommend you measure your body or your skirt, dress, bra, pants etc. to confirm your size.

③Compare your body measurements with the product size to take the right choice.


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